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Yaman was born on 8 November 1989 in Istanbul, Turkey. His paternal grandfather is Kosovo-Albanian from Kosovo.[1][2][3] His paternal grandmother is ] from North Macedonia.[4][5] He is the nephew of football coach Fuat Yaman.[6] From an early age, Yaman's grandmothers were involved hands-on in his upbringing and care due to financial difficulties which his parents experienced.[7] Yaman's parents divorced when he was five years old.[8] Yaman studied at Bilfen College for primary school, then studied at the Liceo Italiano di Istanbul, where he finished as a top student. Yaman is fluent in several languages: Turkish, Italian, French, English, German, and also speaks Spanish. In 2012, he graduated from the Law Department of Yeditepe University, and began working at PricewaterhouseCoopers, where he met his current law firm partners. By the time he was 24, Yaman was working in mergers and acquisitions and writing articles for the tax section of Dünya newspaper. As he was finding success in the corporate law sector, he was also realizing that corporate life was not for him. Yaman told Hello! magazine in 2018, "I felt like having an open view but sitting in an office and wearing a suit bothered me a lot. When they gave me an annual leave, I left without coming back. It was on TV that my colleagues saw me next." While on summer leave from work, Yaman travelled to Bodrum where he met his eventual and current acting managers, Cüneyt Sayıl and İlker Bilg

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